Tuesday, January 8, 2008

work-in-store program

so what have i learned after two days working at my local store?
  • it is non-stop working with customers, shelves, floors and products--associates feed off the energy
  • they sell a local brand of ice cream from aglameses bros
  • managers are held accountable for every single corporate initiative out there
  • meetings can be long and detailed
  • packing meat is cold bloody work
  • scanning with the CAO gun is weird and non-intuitive
  • the web tools that we make stores use are also weird and non-intuitive
  • parking is an issue for associates
  • the day crew is pretty different from the evening crew
  • bagging can be fun but also can make you feel like a lonely puppy when you greet customers excitedly and they give no acknowledgment
  • it's really tough work doing what stores do

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