Wednesday, January 30, 2008

just a few random thoughts about working

  • work hard and appreciate those who work hard around you
  • keep your crown at home next to your throne

Monday, January 14, 2008

Work in store - days 4 & 5

Thursday and Friday I worked in the following departments:
  • GM (valentines, stocking shelves)
  • Floral
  • Cheese shop
  • Wine
Somehow, the network team blocked my internet access from the store as well....

Associates at the store really love what they do. They're the best of the best and really work hard at making the store look great.

It could have been 4 days instead of 5. by the last day, i was dog tired! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

work in store - day 3

today i went back to the store and parked in the rear lot--believe it or not, it's a big deal where you park. in the morning, i stocked shelves because the store was so successful over the weekend in sales (that's a good thing) it rippled into the backroom which is too small for the size of the store and caused a lot of gaps. it's also a lot of work to make sure that the shelves are full and stocked with the correct product.

in the afternoon, i followed one of the co-managers (josh) to do freshness checks, store walk, and make sure that everything was in order. We even put up fresh balloons around the store to highlight the arrival of valentines day.

josh highlighted the k** r******** posters around the backroom, tying it in with shelf stocking, and the general condition of the back during a change in holiday and in between store audits. it's really quite amazing all that goes on in order to keep the store at such a pristine level... product must be displayed properly, enough variety is an issue, and most of all, keeping customers happy is so hard. even harder is weeding out those that are trying to scam or steal--yikes.

how many times did i get asked where something was? three. how many times did i know? zero.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

work-in-store program

so what have i learned after two days working at my local store?
  • it is non-stop working with customers, shelves, floors and products--associates feed off the energy
  • they sell a local brand of ice cream from aglameses bros
  • managers are held accountable for every single corporate initiative out there
  • meetings can be long and detailed
  • packing meat is cold bloody work
  • scanning with the CAO gun is weird and non-intuitive
  • the web tools that we make stores use are also weird and non-intuitive
  • parking is an issue for associates
  • the day crew is pretty different from the evening crew
  • bagging can be fun but also can make you feel like a lonely puppy when you greet customers excitedly and they give no acknowledgment
  • it's really tough work doing what stores do

Sunday, January 6, 2008

good listening

a friend of mine sent this to me a few days back. it's a sermon about the parable of an owner of a field and the number of talents he gives each of them. it's always been assumed that if you were given the 10 talents and made 10 more, you were the hero and if you were given one talent and hid it in the ground, you were the loser. what if it was the other way around?

organic bananas

organic bananas are really good. the peels are thicker and keep the inside fresher for a longer time. Plus, when they do start to ripen, the outside might look a little beat up, but it's really not indicative of the condition on the inside. they also go great with honey almond flax kashi cereal. mmm breakfast